A simple fundraising platform for nonprofits in search of overflowing generosity.

Product Pricing

Donation Spring: 3%

With Donation Spring, there are no hidden fees, so you never have to worry about paying extra to set up or maintain your fundraising project. We're committed to using every cent of our revenue to help make your job easier and the world just a little bit brighter.


Payment Processor: 2.2%

When you tell Stripe.com that you're a 501(c)3 nonprofit, you'll pay just 2.2% (+ $0.30) for each donation you receive.


Total Cost: 0% - 5.2%

You read that right. Donors are given the option to cover your processing costs, and most say "Yes!" But when they choose not to, you'll pay just 5.2% in total processing costs — still one of the lowest in the industry.