A simple fundraising platform for nonprofits in search of overflowing generosity.

You believe in your mission. We do, too.

The 5-Minute Campaign

Donation Spring easily supports special projects, events and general funds. In just a few minutes, Donation Spring's fundraising platform can be installed directly onto your existing website. It's a simple, stress-free process that includes 24/7 access to our team.

The Power of Story

It's a centuries-old strategy used by some of history's greatest leaders: If you want to empower and motivate people, tell them a story. With Donation Spring, not only can you tell your story, but you can tell it on your own website. Why does this matter? Because hard data tells us that when donors arrive on an organization's site versus a third-party platform, they're more likely to become supporters of a mission and funders of a cause.

Money Matters

In the nonprofit world, that's sometimes hard to admit. But without money and additional support, moving a mission forward is difficult work. Donation Spring helps you find the donors that traditional fundraising efforts often miss. And it reaches donors in ways they've come to expect -- online, where a single donation requires little more than a click of the mouse.

The Promise of Accountability

We know that you have to account for every dollar spent and earned. We help you do that. In technical terms, we are everything we ought to be: PCI compliant, technology that secures and encrypts your donors' most valuable information, and full integration with an industry-leading payment processor that ensures every donation goes directly to your account shortly after it is received. It all boils down to our promise to help you fundraise with integrity, success and incredible peace of mind.

Product Pricing

Payment Processor: 2.2%

When you tell Stripe.com that you're a nonprofit, you'll pay just 2.2% (+ $0.30) for each donation you receive.


Donation Spring: 3%

With Donation Spring, there are no hidden fees, so you never have to worry about paying extra to set up or maintain your fundraising project. We're committed to using every cent of our revenue to help make your job easier and the world just a little bit brighter.


Total Cost: 0% - 5.2%

You read that right. Donors are given the option to cover your processing costs, and most say "Yes!" But when they choose not to, you'll pay just 5.2% in total processing costs—still the lowest in the industry.

Want details? Let's talk.

Simplify your mission. Grow your impact.

  • User-Friendly Donation Process
  • Special Projects, Events, and General Funds
  • Recurring, Monthly Giving or One-Time Donations
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Mission-Centric Branding
  • Easy-to-Operate Donor and Dashboard Reports
  • No Deadlines or Monetary Goal Requirements
  • No Hidden Fees
  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • Secure & Encrypted

Call us your tech team or your biggest fans -- just know this: We see ourselves as partners in your mission, working tirelessly behind the scenes to help bring your dreams to life because the work you do is simply extraordinary.

We aren't just a platform to promote your effort. We're a team of people committed to generosity, goodness and big-world thinking. And we're excited to learn more about you and the work you're doing.

Request a Free, Personalized Demo

When you reach out to us, here's our process: We'll spend some time getting to know you and learning about your organization. Then, we'll visit your site, putting our technical hats firmly on our heads to show you exactly what your site will look like when you promote your giving opportunities with Donation Spring.

info@donationspring.com or 260.349.5732.

Ready to Get Started?

Whether you're fundraising for a special project, a fund, or a general operating budget, installing Donation Spring on your website is an easy process.

As soon as you let us know that you're ready to get started, our tech team will create a custom code for your page. From there, we're more than happy to install it for you!

Want to show off your tech skills and do it on your own? Behind the scenes, generate your organization's code using Donation Spring's easy-to-use Dashboard.

To get started, simply submit the following to create your account, access your Dashboard, and begin sharing your fundraising opportunities with the world!


If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how Donation Spring can support your mission, please feel free to reach out:
info@donationspring.com or 260.349.5732.

We're more than a technology company. We're partners in your mission to make the world a better place.

Our Story

In the most basic sense, Donation Spring is a product of 3RiverDev, a group of problem solvers, strategists and software engineers with big passions for serving people and missions. At 3RiverDev, we've spent the last two decades dreaming big ideas with our clients in the Fortune 500 world. And every day, we watch as they easily turn those dreams into realities with their corporate budgets and inexhaustible teams.

After years of working with some of the largest corporations and government offices throughout the nation, we began to ask ourselves a question: Why should nonprofit organizations be forced to settle for anything less?

Our answer? They shouldn't.

Partnering with nonprofits since 2003, we've learned a thing or two about the fundraising journeys of nonprofit organizations. They often set out to do great things and then get sidelined by small budgets and difficult technology. So, we created Donation Spring, an easy-to-use fundraising platform that installs directly onto an organization's website. This unique capability allows local and global organizations to tell their stories and engage their donors without compromising their brand, their values or their budgets.

At Donation Spring, we're in the business of simplifying missions and growing generosity. And we're here because we believe in you.