A simple fundraising platform for nonprofits in search of overflowing generosity.

Request a Free, Personalized Demo

When you reach out to us, here's our process: We'll spend some time getting to know you and learning about your organization. Then, we'll visit your site, putting our technical hats firmly on our heads to show you exactly what your site will look like when you promote your giving opportunities with Donation Spring.

info@donationspring.com or 260.349.5732.

Simple Demo

Grab a sneak peek of a Donation Spring integration, below. If you like what you see and are ready to get started, let's connect today!

Example installation code:

<script src="https://app.donationspring.com/api/[your unique code]/core.js"></script>
<div id="donationspring"></div>

That's it? Yep. Once the above is pasted into a page on your website, you can use the Dashboard to add all the details of your projects/projects/events and start sharing it with the world. Visitors will see something like the following on the page. Feel free to interact with it! And don't forget to give it a shot on your mobile devices.